Netwontsoft.Json dependency conflicts with Azure Functions (v2)

Why is this even a problem? Well, here's a little glance under the hood...

If you’re encountering an error with Newtonsoft.Json dependency conflicts in Azure Functions (both .net Framework V1 or .Net Core V2), you’re not alone. And luckily the solution is most likely really straight-forward (unless you’re also doing of these gotchas). [Read More]

Configuring HassIO Ingress for Add-Ons with LetsEncrypt Docker

Enable support for HassIO Add-Ons in LetsEncrypt Docker (linuxserver letsencrypt)

Setting up HassIO (the awesome docker based OS/supervisor for HomeAssistant) for safe & secure external access in Unraid can be a little trickier than expected, especially for the HassIO Add-Ons like Configurator, Terminal, VSCode, etc. Using the Linuxserver LetsEncrypt docker (which provides NGINX reverse proxy for various sites) requires some... [Read More]